“A breathtaking wilderness location in the heart of Península Valdés.”

“Our unique experiences offers our guests the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of our conservation initiatives.”

– Rincón Chico & CPV team

Thousands of Southern elephant seals and South American sea lions have chosen our beaches for breeding and birthing; and Southern right whales, orcas, penguins and dolphins are sighted from the estancia’s 16 km of coastline. You can watch a wide variety of inland and coastal birds, and see most of Patagonia’s native terrestrial mammals.

We offer wildlife watching explorations guided by bilingual biologists and naturalists to the various beaches of the property, off-the-beaten-path hiking trails of varying length and difficulty across the steppe and cliffs that lead to superb wildlife viewing spots, horseback riding, mountain biking, interpretation of native flora, birdwatching, visits to the ex-livestock facilities of the property, and walks in the dunes fields.

Guests will have the opportunity during their stay to enjoy the natural beauty of the flora and the wildlife that lives in the steppe of the ranch and its coasts, and to see and learn about the conservation work that Conservación Península Valdés (CPV) is carrying out.

“Staying in Rincón Chico is the only way to discover the non-published insider places of Península Valdés you would never find on your own…”

– Rincón Chico Guest, Netherlands

“You have probably seen footage of the abundant wildlife living around the Valdés peninsula in a BBC or National Geographic documentaries and your goal is to experience it to its fullest. Without a doubt in our mind by picking Estancia Rincón Chico, my wife and I, concluded that we picked the best place to stay and experience the peninsula. What you get there is a privileged and exclusive access to the best of what the peninsula has to offer.”

– Rincón Chico Guest, St. Lucia