"A unique wildlife sanctuary."

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

– Charles Darwin

For wildlife and science Estancia Rincón Chico is one of the most iconic properties of Valdés, for this reason we manage the place through our foundation, Conservación Península Valdés (CPV), a non-profit organization specialized in steppe and wildlife conservation projects.

We have a vast history in conservation work and for more than 20 years many important scientific projects have been carried out working together with well known international organizations like National Geographic, BBC, etc with both marine and terrestrial species as well as in archeology and paleontology.

“Having guides who’ve been involved in researching and conservation projects for more than twenty years makes you feel you are a part of the effort to keep this vast place and its wildlife safe.”

– Rincón Chico Guest, France

Our beaches are a natural laboratory for studying -among other species- the southern elephant seals and their behavior. A 21 year long research project is conducted on the shores of Rincón Chico. The information gathered has provided valuable insight into the secret lives of the seals that live solitary in deep ocean waters, and would otherwise be a mystery. The publications continue to educate people worldwide, and promote the conservation of the seals and the protection of the aquatic environment in which they live.


We have developed a working policy focused on minimizing environmental impact in both the home and the explorations. Based on this principle, we are committed to responsible environmental management to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources, promoting the efficient use of water and energy, the optimal management of waste generated, and focusing on environmental conservation.

Efficient use of energy:

we focus on reducing the use of fossil fuel energy exploiting renewable energy sources like wind and solar. With the special architectural design and the materials used in the construction of our Lodge was sought optimizing both thermal capacity during the winter such as eliminating the need for air conditioning during the summer using natural air flow. For lighting we use low energy and LED lamps to reduce energy consumption.

Water efficiency:

Patagonia is practically a desert, so that fresh water is a precious and fragile resource. Our Lodge has a system of rainwater harvesting for consumption and a treatment system for recycling and reuse for irrigation. All bathrooms feature a dual flush system which makes use of the water much more efficient. We also encourage reusing towels in order to decrease the load of laundry.

Waste management:

we have focused on reducing the volume generated, especially plastic and cardboard. We have a recycling center where we separate them by material before reuse or sent to a treatment plant outside the protected area. Organic waste is separated to feed poultry and turn them into compost to fertilize the trees and orchard. A periodic cleaning of the beaches is carried out to collect the garbage generated by the fishing vessels on the high seas that the ocean currents deposit along the beaches of the property.

Environmental conservation:

our ranch is located in a remote location, where nature has achieved a delicate balance through the centuries, and where human presence is reduced. We have ensured that the construction of the Lodge have a minimal impact on the environment. All explorations are prioritized to minimize the impact on the environment and most of them are done by foot, horseback or bicycle. We only use vehicles to transport our guests to the beginning or from the end of the paths. Our well trained guides are responsible for transmitting a strong environmental and conservation awareness to all guests.